Contemporary Ensemble Concert

Apr.17th 8:00PM
Lippes Concert Hall in Slee

  April 17, 2009 

Musical Feast Concert

Apr.10th 2009 8:00PM
Albright Knox Art Gallery

  April 10, 2009 

Parsifal Unspoken Show

Mar.5th & 6th 5:00PM~9:00PM
Asbury Hall Buffalo, NY

  March 5, 2009 

Slee Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra

Oct.21th.2008 8:00PM
Lippes Concert Hall in Slee Hall
State University of New York at Buffal

  October 21, 2008 

Faculty Gala Concert

Sep.18th.2008 8:00PM
Lippes Concert Hallin Slee Hall
State University at Buffalo

  September 18, 2008 

New Music Festival「June In Buffalo」

Jun.2nd 2008 ~ Jun.8th 2008
State University of New York at Buffalo

  June 2, 2008 

Slee Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra tour

May.1st 2008 ~ May.8th 2008
Cleveland, Ohio

  May 1, 2008 

Spring of Percussion

Mar.28th 2008 7:00PM
Hamarikyu-Asahi-hall in Tokyo

  March 28, 2008 

A Musical Feast

Jan.29th 2008 8:00PM

  January 29, 2008 

Artist concert series

Oct.25th.2007 12:30pm
Autitorium at Villa Maria College in NY

  October 25, 2007